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*PLEASE READ -- Securly - New Internet Web Filter

Last year when we moved to Securly you were required to download a certificate on your computer in order for the Internet to work. That certificate needs to be updated. Please follow the instructions below to download a new certificate. If you use your phone to access the school's wifi, you'll need to download the certificate on your phone as well. 
For Windows Computers: 
1. Click the WINDOWS .exe file below. 
2. The file will begin to download.
3. Once it downloads, click on the file and then click RUN
4. This will install the certificate on your computer.If you get a message saying that the program may have not installed correctly, that's ok. Just click cancel. You don't have to install again.
For Mac Computers
1. Download the Mac.pkg file below on your laptop.
2. Double-click the downloaded .pkg file. 
3. The file will run in the background automatically and install the necessary SSL certicficate on your computer. Please follow the prompts on the screen as instructed.
4. If you receive an error or are prompted that the file cannot be opened, please navigate to the Apple menu > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy > then click the Open Anyways button to launch the install package. Otherwise, please continues to step 5.
5. Please log out of your Google Chrome Account (not just your email). 
    a. Open Chrome.
    b. At the top right, click More Settings.
    c. At the top, under "People," click Sign out.
    d. Confirm by clicking Sign out.
6. Please sign back in to your Google Chrome Account (not just your email) and re-link your data:
    a. Open Chrome
    b. In the top right, click the button with your name or People.
    c. Click Sign in to Chrome.
    d. Sign in with your Google Account. 
7. If you still receive a message about not having a private connection, please restart (completely close and relaunch) the Google Chrome Web-Browser.
For iOS (Apple phone):
1. On your PHONE (in the Safari browser), click the iOS .crt file below. 
2. Press Allow
3. You'll be prompted to install the certificate
For Android Phones:
1. On your PHONE, click the Android .crt file below.
2. Open with defaults
3. On the Name of the certificate screen, give the certificate a name (example: Securly) and press the OK button.
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