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CPSB Gifted & Talented Program

Identifying and referring potentially gifted and/or talented students:
Teachers- If you feel a student exhibits characteristics of giftedness or has a knack for art or music, please refer the child to the SBLC chairperson at your school. Remember, a gifted/talented student isn't always the best behaved or the highest achieving student in your class. See the PowerPoint below for more information.
Parents- If you feel your child is academically gifted or musically/artistically talented and would like him/her to be screened, please contact your child's school secretary and ask to speak with the SBLC chairperson.
Gifted & Talented will have two exhibitions throughout the school year at the Arcade Theater/Delta Music Museum in Ferriday, La.
Tuesday, December 5, 6:00pm
Thursday, April 4, 6:00pm
Come see what we do!
Field Trips
In order to provide enriching experiences for our students, the Gifted & Talented Programs take field trips throughout the year.  Permission slips will be sent home with details.
Christy Becnel - Talented Art
Darlene Gilbert - Talented Music
Mignon Lefebvre - Gifted