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Clever Login Instructions for Teachers and Students
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Hurricane Checklist for Technology

Everyone is scrambling for batteries, boarding up windows, and stocking up on water, but what are you doing to prepare your technology for a hurricane? Here are a few tips to avoid losing valuable data and equipment.

  • Make backup copies! If you aren't already doing so, now is a great time to start backing up your files. Use (free!), external hard drives, or flash drives. Take your devices with you and store in a safe place!
  • Properly power down and UNPLUG all Smart Boards, computers, Printers, Elmos, etc. to avoid power surges
  • Power surges are more likely when the power is being restored in your area, so be careful powering up your equipment right away. It is ALWAYS best to have equipment plugged into a rated surge protector.
  • Never plug in equipment that has been exposed to water or other contaminants.